New Rules Might Applies On Navagio Beach This Summer

Searching for study || Proposals and measures on Shipwreck coming soon



The issue of the delimitation of the area of ​​safe access and stay on the coast of Nafplion occupied the city council meeting yesterday on the part of the proposal made by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens through Professor Efthimios Lekka for the preparation of a new free study, unanimously accepted.
His assistance was requested in order to remove the deadlocks that have been created, while guests and professionals will have to await the proposals that will be submitted in the following period, considering that with additional measures and restrictions we will forget what has been up to now for access to the area.
According to what has become known, the study to be submitted to the local authorities and the Port Authority will be drafted at the base of the beach to be safe to access and to the points where there is a risk of landslides to prohibit access and stay.


A full ban on access was avoided and was asked to draft its proposals in writing and in cooperation with IGME until 20 March to allow for the lifting of the current banning measures in the region.
It is worth noting that for the preparation of these proposals, for which, according to Mr. Tsipira, no payment will be paid.
The role of local authorities, which will be called upon to take concrete measures for the delimitation of coastlines, labeling and, most importantly, the presence of a guardsman who, as they all seem to be, should be there to supervise the observance of the instructions to be given.
At the same time, we are at the stage of assurances and promises as the Mayor of Zakynthos received his visit to the Ministry of the Environment, where he handed over to the Secretary General, Mr Baldakis, the dossier with the licenses for intervention in a reforestable forest area and then the Ministry of Tourism and the Secretary General, Mr. Karastathi, to which he handed a file with permits to the “Navajo” area.

The interventions
As announced by the Mayor, in respect of the platform, a request for the management of an area designated as reforestation was submitted directly to the relevant departments of the Ministry of the Environment, while for the access of the seagoing vessels said that the Port Authority should issue a new Regulatory , after a meeting with all the stakeholders involved.
Technoeconomic studies will be followed in the next year to change the shipwreck and to advance the projects that will highlight the marine and terrestrial space. Be an advertising spot for Zakynthos and not a degraded and dangerous spot.

With Tourism Agencies
The prevention, readiness and protection of the visitors of Zakynthos was the subject of the meeting of the hotel owners with Mr. Lekka. More specifically, Mr. Lekkas suggested and the hoteliers agreed and stressed the need to protect the unique tourist trademark of Zakynthos. For the land section, there are delineated secure access points, information signs and fences, a bridge and a viewport of the shipwreck, toilets, guards, first-aid facilities, kiosks with traditional products.
For the beach to study and delineate the marine space for the safety of bathers, precise capacity calculation and time-limitation, boat mooring points, lifeguards and guards.

withdrawal In this direction, the hoteliers’ representatives held a meeting with the Harbor Master, who informed them that lifting the ban on him, can only be done if he received from another authority, eg. Municipality or Region, study and even applied, which allows and proves that access to the shipwreck is safe. To this end, hoteliers will be given an initiative to communicate with the authorities for the delimitation of responsibilities and responsibility for actions.

A Responsible Proposal
So we are the island of the shipwreck, even if our cultural history remains more important. But what do we do about it? Even posters with the image of the beach others print and circulate them all over the world. And we want to make some small interests, while the interest of ALL of Zakynthos is to preserve and organize in modern ways this brand-name brand name that dawned us on October 1980 and that it traveled inexpensively all over the world with the digital photos, posted on all social media.
For the global emergence and preservation of the unique beauty of the beach, it is necessary to create a Management Agency of the area, with a specific plan and organization chart that will put an order in the general disorder that prevails on the beach and the upper plateau.

What is it missing? 
The success of the goals set and which we want to implement does not concern the progress and development of Zakynthos and of Greece as a whole. The tourist product associated with the Shipwreck leaves many profits in its economy for this, and the Ministry of Tourism should immediately take a public position to save and protect the shipwreck. If it suffices to “wait for a responsible proposal” – which is the one above – then it was my May …
Once again, with the logic and mindset “I refine the booze and swallow the camel” we have enough to find out but no substantive proposals to change the cruise – those scientific ones.
Let’s not forget where we come from. Who we are. Let the flame of our ancestors shine in a national consensus and engagement to solve the problems and move forward pioneering to the future. The period of “rattle” must end irretrievably. Let us take the initiatives that fit and fit us. Mind exists, DNA is good. What’s missing?


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