Homeless man offers to work for free ‘to make life worth living’

A homeless man’s note offering to work for free to ‘make life seem worth living’, was spotted by a teenager who shared his plight on social media and helped him find a job and a home. Anthony Johnson offered services for free, including dog walking, window cleaning, shopping and house work and pleaded for someone to ‘help change a life’. The 37-year-old has been homeless for nine years and left the handwritten note by his tent last week, offering to do ‘anything to earn a living’.



Charlotte Howard, 16, was walking past Anthony’s tent near a bus stop in Hastings, East Sussex, when she spotted the note last week.



She said it ‘broke my heart’ to see the desperate plea for help. The note read: ‘Work wanted. I will do a trial for free to show how I work – I don’t take drugs or drink. ‘I will also do dog walking/minding, window cleaning, shopping, gardening, car valeting, washing, housework, cooking – anything to earn a living and make life seem worth living. Help change a life.’ Charlotte decided to help Anthony find work and shared a picture to promote his offer on Facebook, prompting Nelson Smith – a landscape gardener – to contact Anthony about a job.

The childcare college student, from Hastings, said: ‘I saw his tent and his message next to it and it broke my heart. ‘I think in this case I was more proactive to share it because of the last sentence – make my life worth living, help change a life. ‘I wanted to share it – get attention for him as people don’t understand how hard it is to get work and how mental health really can affect people. ‘We shouldn’t be so judgemental when we see a homeless person – sometimes all it takes is a smile.’ Charlotte and friend Toni Pearce are now kitting out a caravan for Anthony that a friend decided to donate after seeing the post, instead of selling it on. Anthony was ‘overwhelmed’ by Charlotte’s generosity and is now set to start work as a gardener and handy man at the caravan site. Charlotte said: ‘He could not stop smiling when I told him about the caravan – he was really happy and a bit overwhelmed by it all.


‘He said he was really surprised by my age too because normally young people are not nice to him. ‘Toni Pearce is looking after the caravan and has helped make all this happen. ‘We managed to get him a job on the caravan site too to help pay for him to be there.’ Juliet Kelly, from Warming up the Homeless, is looking for a campsite for Anthony’s caravan. The 48-year-old volunteer charity worker said: ‘I was aware of Anthony because I volunteer with Warming up the Homeless.


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